Oliver Smith is a Northern Irish voice-over artist and actor with two years of professional experience and over a decade of amateur and behind-the-scenes acting experience. Since their first role as Cleo’s Dad in ‘Cleo: A Pirate’s Tale’, Oliver has played a wide range of roles in indie and mainstream video games, audio dramas, and animations.

Oliver’s love of acting began as a teenager when they took up drama in secondary school, leading on to several roles on stage with a local amateur acting group. After joining this group, Oliver took up an interest in the behind-the-scenes running of productions and decided to move backstage. Since the age of 16, they have worked for one of Northern Ireland’s top event production companies as a lighting, audio, and rigging technician, and have worked on production for events such as BBC Proms and the Riverdance world tour.

During the lockdowns of 2020, Oliver was moved to return to their love of acting and particularly voice work. They have since built a custom acoustic-treated recording booth in their home and used their experience in sound production and acting to produce quality voice roles. Having built a solid foundation of indie work, they are now excited for the next chapter of their voice work career.

When not voice acting Oliver can be found on Twitter and Tik Tok, making comedy sketches and sharing cat pictures.

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